As a global company with increasing participation in the flows of metals and minerals around the world, most of which are essential to achieve the global energy transition targets, we recognize the risks associated with our supply chain and incorporate ESG factors into our business decisions to reduce risk, enhance financial returns and meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

These are integrated into our standard customer due diligence process.

Our supply chain policy is applied globally across all our operations and is subordinated to our company group Code of Conduct. It embeds several core corporate policies and principles, as well as the OECD’s Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains.

IXM, and its principal shareholder CMOC, are part of a leading group of companies across the supply chain of EV critical minerals applying the OECD’s recommendations and working to improve sustainability and transparency in the mining sector.


IXM has joined an action platform, the Fair Cobalt Alliance, to address deep-rooted problems around artisan and small-scale operations (ASM).

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As supporter to the Better Mining Program, IXM is committing to support the ground-breaking mineral agnostic assurance and impact program focused on artisanal and small-scale mining.

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Together with CMOC, other major metals and mining companies, and worldwide battery suppliers, IXM is helping pilot Re|Source, a blockchain solution to end-to-end cobalt traceability from the mine to the electric car.

This unique industry partnership between EV supply chain majors aiming to accelerate sustainable practices for every unit of cobalt mined, processed, and used in end products, is running since July 2021.

It is designed with the direct input of responsible sourcing and supply chain experts from all participating companies, proactively addressing the growing need for cobalt value chain visibility.

In partnership with one of its main financing banks, Société Générale, and Carbon Chain, IXM have launched in February 2020, a project to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of its transactions. The objective is to measure scope 3 emissions in its upstream and downstream supply chain and identify where to focus reductions.

Thanks to the services provided by CarbonChain, IXM and Société Générale aim to set-up a sustainable KPI linked financing facility with margin rates linked to performance against industry benchmarks. IXM will share the necessary shipment information with CarbonChain who will analyse related carbon intensity and interpret results for Société Générale. Results will periodically be reviewed, and if they are achieved, IXM will enjoy interest rate incentive mechanisms based on a pre-set scale.

IXM selects and funds environmental and social programs with the professional support of UBS Optimus Foundation.

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