Trading is our core business.

Our traders develop and implement our long-term and day-to-day commercial strategy, while promoting and protecting IXM’s name in the market.

They not only build relationships but also our reputation and generate the majority of our profits.

Our local trading teams contribute towards the planning and implementation of long-term regional business plans and participate in discussions on the global trading strategy.

We have positions at all company levels, for raw and refined Base Metals as well as minor metals markets.

Some of the main roles are:

  • Trading Assistant
  • Trader
  • Regional Trading Manager

Some of the key qualities we look for in a trader are:

  • Relevant academic and/or professional experience
  • A track record of building strong and collaborative results-oriented relationships
  • Being team-oriented yet personally accountable
  • Solutions oriented critical thinking
  • Flexible yet disciplined to work within deadlines and under pressure