Industry and Quality Control

IXM’s Industry department has a two-fold responsibility for the technical analysis/oversight of our industrial investments and the management of IXM’s warehouse facilities.

Our Engineers perform pre-deal technical analysis and post-deal industrial oversight to our business investments.

Our Warehouse and Operations Managers supervise all operational activities, including storage, blending, homogenization and other handling activities.

The Industry team executes and controls operation programs in compliance with Health, Safety and Environment standards, and government and regional commitments (IES).

Meanwhile, our Quality Control team provides technical control and innovative solutions to all businesses to mitigate any quality and quantity risks that may occur in our trading activities.

Key relevant positions:

  • Warehouse Manager
  • Mining and processing Engineer
  • HSE Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Various Operations Coordinators

To join our Industry team, candidates need to demonstrate:

  • A degree in Geology, Industrial Engineering, Metallurgy, Mining with relevant practical experience
  • Keen understanding of mining value chain and cost drivers
  • Precision, efficiency and reliability
  • Desire to improve and learn
  • Willingness to travel internationally
  • Teamwork